It is never a secret that the poker industry in the United States is so big. A Linkedin article on the updates on the poker industry reports that the industry earned as much as $196.7 million and that the projected revenue for the years to come will continue to rise with the prolific addition of many gambling facilities across America.


That is why many poker players choose to make a living out of this hobby. Well, if you could earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, and probably millions, who would not want to live the high life of a poker player. But, as each state has varying regulations and policies for the poker industry, it is important for you to choose where you want to reside if you are to pursue a career playing poker. Here in this article, we have listed the top poker destinations in the United States to help you in your decision making.


California Pussy88


The Golden State has remained the top poker destination thanks to its efforts of promoting a great environment for poker players and businesses. To date, California has around 120 live poker clubs where you can get your fix for a poker game. Each poker club provides luxurious amenities with various poker tables and other perks that you can get. Los Angeles, in particular, has tons of clubs that let you play your favorite game.


Nevada Xe88


No poker list is complete without Nevada in it. The prime destination for casino entertainment is also a great place for poker fans. With more than 60 poker rooms, 18 of which is in Las Vegas, the state of Nevada is a dream come true for poker aficionados.




The Sunshine State is now catching up as a great poker destination. You can have a high-stake fun thanks to some regulations that have been enacted that make Florida a thriving place for poker players. There are specific places that offer poker exclusively, and poker rooms that can accommodate up to 60 tables are now sprouting up across the state.