Online poker sites have been on the rise these past few years. Well, we could not blame poker players because online poker sites promote great convenience for players. Players do not need to go to live poker rooms and are saved from the hassle of wasting precious time traveling because they can now deal from the comfort of their own homes.


However, many poker players who are not accustomed to the online operations of poker usually ask questions about how it works and what the implications are compared to the traditional way that they play poker. If you are wondering about the legality of online poker sites and the regulations that the US legislation has on the operations of these kinds of websites, we will answer those concerns in this article.


Is Online Poker Gambling Legal in the US? joker123


The quick and short answer to this question is yes. Playing and gambling in online poker sites is absolutely legal in the United States. Despite the criticisms that the industry is receiving from its opponents, playing poker online is certainly not a federal crime when we are talking on the national level. However, things can get a little blurry when it comes to the state level. As we all know, online gambling is still in its infancy stage, and many people, including lawmakers and politicians, are still against the rise of online gambling. Aside from its opponents, online gambling still has not been regulated by most states, so there are no laws existing to control online gambling.


In order to play online legally, you just have to be under the jurisdiction of the states that do not see online gambling as a crime. Since most states still do not have regulations regarding online poker sites, it is safe to say that you can enjoy playing poker online without super tight restrictions and requirements. You just have to watch out for the states of Washington, Lousiana, and Utah because these states treat online gambling as a criminal offense. For poker lovers, you will be excited to learn that the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada have already online gambling legal and online poker is already being regulated by these states. Click here for the complete list of legal and safe online poker websites in the US.